PREGNANCY & AFTER BIRTH/INFANT: I had been visiting Healing Arts for 2 years when my daughter was born. We had great customized support through my pregnancy. I began to notice that she had some baby acne that wasn't going away on her chest. The bigger issue that had me concerned was that she seemed to be in discomfort while she was nursing, and randomly would have insane projectile vomiting afterwards. I was sure there must be something I was eating that was bothering her stomach and her skin. Instead of playing the elimination game, waiting days and weeks before I knew exactly what foods were bothering her, I knew I wanted to take her in and have her tested. Low and behold there were a bunch of things that I was eating that were upsetting her stomach. Within a few weeks of changing my diet to accommodate,  my daughter stoped projectile vomiting and her baby acne disappeared. It was so easy doing it this way, I'm so thankful muscle testing was able to help us pinpoint food that was bothering her. 

She is now 10 months old, she has gone to Healing Arts for support for 2 bronchial colds (some of the supplements I take get transferred to help Keera through breastfeeding). Last month I had her tested again for food sensitivities and she's almost outgrown them all! - N.K.


MISCARRIAGE & PREGNANCY: Healing Arts helped me through 2 miscarriages, and then getting pregnant the 3rd time with my baby girl. We worked together through my pregnancy & during that time I was in the best shape of my life. Between my diet and regular pilates, I was strong, confident, balanced, and excited. Since having my daughter, there have been many challenges, including post partum depression, hair loss, nursing frustration, deep sadness, mixed up with all of the joys of new motherhood. There are not a lot of people that speak out about the hard parts, the pressures, the self doubt & criticism, the dark places your mind goes .. especially when in a city like NY where you feel like you have to constantly keep us with the joneses, be the best mom, give 110% of yourself and selflessly sacrifice for your baby all while looking good doing it …. Healing Arts always reminds me how I have to make time for myself, and with that - exercising, eating well, not neglecting my program, and loving myself - can I be the best mom & woman I can be. Not everyday is easy, even still, after 17 mos. We have to go easy on ourselves, accept ourselves, accept help, and accept joy! - J.P.

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ANTIBIOTICS & VACCINES: I'm very please to be getting help from Healing Arts. Especially for our children who never take any antibiotics or any medication. If my child(ren) start showing symptoms, I take them to her right a way! Nutrition Response testing prevents my child(ren) from getting sick. Also, vaccines are worry free! We just give our children a supplement after their shots to detox the chemicals from their bodies. I just love the whole foods based supplements! J.M.

CHRONIC STOMACH PAIN: After months of complaining about her stomach, multiple doctor appointments, and invasive testing, the only place that was able to help my 7 year old was Healing Arts. J.V.

SKIN RASHES: Healing Arts has been treating my now 20 month son since he was 9 months old. Initially I brought him in to ask her to about some skin rashes and irritations he was having.  Healing Arts was able to determine through muscle testing, that his system was reacting to toxins from aluminum, wheat and sugar.  With Healing Arts’s holistic approach to treatment, my son was able to slowly detoxify from the aluminum/metals that were largely due to the vaccinations he was receiving and completely eliminate his body rashes and irritations. 

Whenever I have a question about his well being, I bring him into her office and she has been able to determine that his runny nose or coughing are not due to cold symptoms but instead are a result of teething. In addition to that, she as able to explain that his occasional bouts of vomiting were not from a stomach virus but from an adverse reaction to chlorine expanding in his stomach when we spent time swimming in chlorinated pools.  Healing Arts helps me learn and understand more about my son’s health from a holistic viewpoint so that he can stay happy and curious without the use of antibiotics and other invasive medicines. We are both so grateful to have found her and we hope others will be able to share in this wealth of knowledge and to look at health and spirituality as a way of life from the inside out. - L.L.