Family nutrition NYC is a specialty practice of Healing Arts NYC, founded by our practitioner, Addison Landry.  Our focus is pregnancy, children and family health.

Addison found her passion in nutrition health care continuing in the foot steps of her chiropractic mother who's known as "the baby doctor" in their local community, for her dedicated work with children. Addison’s continued work as a whole food chef and nutritionist allows her to work closely with many children and their families to mantain maximum health.

Her dedication is to helping you raise the next generation of healthy individuals - as true health really starts from within.



To help you and your family reach your healthiest lifestyle, our professionals take two approaches:

1) The education of your family in a safe, supportive environment

2) Providing individualized, integrative healthcare

At Healing Arts, we are able to obtain achievable solutions for your health issues. We believe in a well-rounded approach that emphasizes a deep understanding of the intricacies and needs of your body. We want to help you find nutritional and lifestyle habits that will allow you to gain control of your family's health. 

With the wide-range of experience of our practitioners, we take a unique approach discovering the individual needs of you and your family members, and will reveal the keys to your healthiest selves. Our goal is simple: to support families with the necessary nutritional and chiropractic care to give you the joy of true health.